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Rigging and Ship Repair

After undertaking the largest Rig Repair and Maintenance project ever completed in Nigeria, LADOL is able to provide clients with a turnkey rig and vessel repair service that includes:

  • Project planning and supervision
  • Steel replacement on a per-ton basis (including the provision of LADOL-certified welders, fitters, etc., as well as the related equipment)
  • Blasting and painting services
  • NDT Testing and International Certification
  • Scaffolding services
  • Marine valve services and installation minimal transport costs
  • Staffing provision of personnel from the level of International Project Managers, certified welders and general labor
  • Procurement service for certified rolled steel and welding consumables
  • General workshop services
  • Round-the-clock personnel support, accommodation and catering for local and international staff
  • Long-term storage and inventory management, ensuring optimal efficiency and minimal waste

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