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Dr. Amy discusses essential changes for investors to benefit from major global growth markets with the BBC

Dr. Amy discusses essential changes for investors to benefit from major global growth markets with the BBC

July 03, 2023:

Dr Amy, shared her insights with the BBC on the key changes required for local and international investors to fully capitalise on the immense growth opportunities presented by the largest global markets. Her vision is grounded in a deep understanding of the African business landscape and a commitment to sustainable development. In her interview on BBC Business Daily, Dr Jadesimi shed light on the real changes needed to unlock the potential for investors to thrive in these dynamic markets.


Ladol MD BBC Podcast on Business Daily

Recognising the Power of Local Knowledge:

According to Dr Jadesimi, one crucial aspect for successful investment in growth markets is the recognition and utilisation of local knowledge. She emphasises the importance of partnering with local experts who possess a deep understanding of the cultural, economic, and regulatory nuances of these markets. By incorporating local insights into investment strategies, investors can navigate challenges more effectively and capitalise on the immense opportunities that exist.

Prioritising Long-Term Sustainability:

Dr Jadesimi stresses the importance of adopting a long-term perspective when investing in global growth markets. Instead of focusing solely on short-term gains, she advocates for sustainable investments that generate long-lasting positive impact. By considering environmental, social, and governance factors, investors can align their interests with the needs and aspirations of local communities, ensuring mutual prosperity and sustainable growth.

Addressing Infrastructure Gaps:

Infrastructure deficiencies continue to hinder economic development in many growth markets. Dr Jadesimi emphasises the urgent need for substantial investments in critical infrastructure sectors such as transportation, energy, and telecommunications. Bridging these gaps will not only facilitate the growth of local businesses but will also attract more international investors who seek reliable and efficient infrastructure networks.

Mitigating Risk Perception:

One major challenge faced by investors is the perceived risk associated with growth markets. Dr Jadesimi suggests that accurate risk assessment and transparent communication are vital to overcome these perceptions. By providing comprehensive information, fostering trust, and ensuring fair regulations, governments and business leaders can instill confidence among potential investors and foster an environment conducive to long-term investment.

In Conclusion, Dr. Amy Jadesimi’s insights offer valuable guidance to both local and international investors seeking to harness the potential of the largest global growth markets. By recognizing the power of local knowledge, prioritizing sustainability, addressing infrastructure gaps, and mitigating risk perception, investors can position themselves to benefit from the immense opportunities these markets present. Dr. Jadesimi’s vision of inclusive, sustainable growth serves as a blueprint for unlocking the full potential of global growth markets and promoting shared prosperity.

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