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LADOL Stakeholders Celebrate 5 years of ISO 9001 Compliance

LAGOS August 19, 2022: The stakeholders of LADOL Free Zone were in high spirits last week after the company once again passed its ISO 9001 audit with flying colours. Having 5 years of ISO 9001 compliance makes LADOL one of the most compliant terminals in Nigeria and one of a small handful that have this certification.

It will be recalled that in 2020, LADOL became the first company in North and West Africa to be ISO 45001 certified. Earlier in the year, LADOL already renewed and retained its International Organization Standardization, ISO 45001:2018+14001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 is a company level certification based on the standard published by the International Organization for Standardization titled “Quality management systems-Requirements”. This standard revises ISO 9001:2008 to include requirements for a new, higher level structure as a common framework to all ISO management systems, risk-based thinking in quality system processes, fewer prescribed requirements with less emphasis on documentation, clear definition of quality management system boundaries and increased leadership requirements. ISO 45001:2018 is for Occupational Health and Safety, OH&S, while 14001:2015 is for Environment Management Systems.

The external audit leading to the successful renewal of LADOL's QMS compliance certification was rigorous and thorough. The Managing Director of LADOL Free Zone, Dr. Amy Jadesimi has described the successful renewal of the company's International Organisation Standardisation, ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System, QMS as a being thanks to the staff, management and all stakeholders in LADOL.

Dr. Amy Jadesimi said “Compliance is a way of life for LADOL. In these tough times our high levels of compliance have been critical to us working reliably and safely in the market. This audit also included LADOL's commitment to and execution of its sustainability plans. In fact, LADOL joined the UN Global Compact and the UN CFO Taskforce in 2021,”


Editor's Note

About LADOL:

LADOL is building the world's first Sustainable Industrial Special Economic Zone (SSEZ). LADOL is using the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to build a unique circular ecosystem, servicing a range of industries.

The Zone was developed out of a disused swamp and has been operational since 2006. Every year since then the infrastructure and facilities have grown and expanded. The Zone now provides a 24/7 efficient, safe, and secure location from which local and international companies, in a range of sectors, can start operating immediately. In 2017 LADOL disrupted the local oil and gas market, halving the costs of local support, and creating thousands of local jobs. LADOL is now focused on attracting and servicing a range of non-oil and gas companies, in sectors ranging from technology to agriculture. The sectors identified will work together to create a circular economy within the Zone. West Africa is one of the largest under-served markets in the world with the fastest growing population. Industrial companies working in LADOL can service this market sustainably and profitably, while creating tens of thousands of jobs. As the local market grows there will be higher demand for locally produced products, a larger skilled workforce, and cheaper domestic operating costs.

LADOL is becoming a blueprint for the Sustainable Industrialisation of Africa, turning Africa's demographic dividend into a global wealth creation.

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