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“You can’t exaggerate the potential of a facility like this. LADOL will give Nigeria the opportunity to train local participants to acquire the relevant skills. They can take that skill with them to anywhere in the world. And it will be to Nigeria’s benefit.”

– OLADIPO (Ladi) JADESIMI, Executive Chairman


LADOL's founders (LiLe) began planning in the year 2000, with a vision of creating the first purpose-built, state-of-the-art logistics and engineering base west of the Niger Delta. LADOL was conceived and designed to be an efficient, custom-built, fully integrated, secure and independent engineering and logistics base operating 24/7 in the LADOL Free Zone for deep offshore oil and gas projects.


The management team is wholly dedicated to a clear and focused mission:

  • Create a circular industrial ecosystem which supports high value industrial activity in key sectors of the Nigerian economy
  • Support innovative local and international companies, enabling them to develop sustainable manufacturing techniques and technology on the ground in Nigeria, targeting the largest growing markets in the world
  • Develop local human capital that will drive and support innovation and industrial activities inside and outside of the Free Zone


The management team is focused on a vision for the future:

  • LADOL Free Zone becomes a blueprint for sustainable industrialisation of Africa
  • The success of LADOL enables private indigenous companies and government across the continent to build a range of Special Economic Zones and Parks through which they can build large sustainable industries that will drive wide spread economic growth and job creation
  • LADOL’s development leads to the creation of one hundred thousand jobs as Nigeria becomes the industrial hub for West Africa

Health, Safety & Environment Policy

We consider that Safety, Health, Respect for the Environment, Safeguarding of Assets and Quality are essential to the efficient operation of our activities and to our employees, contractors and other stakeholders. We are committed to having an HSE Management System in force, in recognition of the fact that safe operations depend not only on technically good plant and equipment but also on competent personnel, active HSE culture and sustainable development.

It is our HSE policy to:

  • Maintain Safety in Project and Logistic activities and provide safe facilities and equipment that are properly designed, engineered, constructed, maintained and operated.
  • Strive to reduce the environmental impact of all our operations, to identify and minimize risks, prepare to take relevant actions should an incident occur.
  • Comply with all legal requirements, international standards and LADOL SHEQ Policies.
  • Monitor the Health of all employees on a regular basis to ensure that they have the physical capacity to perform their tasks.
  • Work with our contractors and suppliers to help them commit to our HSE standards.
  • Pursue continuous improvement in the measures taken to protect the Health, Safety and Environment of those who may be affected by our activities.
  • Develop environmentally friendly buildings in conjunction with low CO2 foot print for a sustainable process for future generation.
  • Endeavour to manage natural resources in a responsible way, to preserve biodiversity and promote the sustainable development of our stakeholders.
  • Maintain adequate emergency response procedures and resources to mitigate accidental pollution and test plans for effectiveness.
  • Establish procedure and apply adequate control to minimize all incidents. Report and investigate. Identify Root Cause. Implement corrective actions to prevent re-occurrence.
  • Ensure that our employees, contractors and stakeholders are aware of and trained in our SHEQ requirements and abide by them.
  • Set up and monitor measurable SHEQ Objectives and performance indicators to form part of our business plan, budget, analyze and report as part of the monthly management review.
  • Conduct internal controls and periodic reviews, backed by independent audits, to verify that adequate measures have been taken and identify possible areas of improvement.
  • Recognize and motivate those who contribute to improved HSE performance.

With the continuous and permanent commitment of everyone, we will achieve these HSE objectives.

Quality Policy

From inception, LADOL has been committed to attaining and maintaining excellent quality standards. We provide all our relevant interested parties with innovative, high quality sustainable solutions. These quality standards are embedded in LADOL’s ISO9001:2015 compliant electronic management system. Our virtual management system provides us with the tools and data for continuous improvement, and systematic risk based processing, to ensure that we satisfy the needs of our clients and other stakeholders while complying with applicable regulatory and legislative requirements.

LADOL is committed to helping the world attain the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and has aligned its operations towards achieving this aim. Our high value industrial activities which include logistics, repairs, fabrication, project support and facilities management, are executed in a sustainable manner.

We would like our clients, staff and other stakeholders to join us in helping to achieve and maintain these standards, and being a part of our high quality sustainable community whilst this policy serves as a framework for establishing objectives at all levels.