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“You can’t exaggerate the potential of a facility like this. LADOL will give Nigeria the opportunity to train local participants to acquire the relevant skills. They can take that skill with them to anywhere in the world. And it will
be to Nigeria’s benefit.”

– OLADIPO (Ladi) JADESIMI, Executive Chairman


LADOL’s founders (LiLe) began planning in the year 2000, with a vision of creating the first purpose-built, state-of-the-art logistics and engineering base west of the Niger Delta. LADOL was conceived and designed to be an efficient, custom-built, fully integrated, secure and independent engineering and logistics base operating 24/7 in the LADOL Free Zone for deep offshore oil and gas projects.


The management team is wholly dedicated to a clear and focused mission – to utilize LADOL as a means of:

  • Maximizing Nigerian content, job creation and technology transfer
  • Attracting direct foreign investment of dollars and technology into Nigeria


A haven filled with international and local industrial companies executing high-risk projects safely and successfully in Nigeria for the first time, thereby servicing the Nigerian and West African markets

The success of LADOL attracts new investors into Nigeria who partner with credible Nigerian investors, leading to the creation of dozens of similar facilities

Hundreds of thousands of jobs are created as Nigeria becomes the industrial hub for West Africa, leading to Nigeria joining the G20